Monday, September 14, 2015

The Public Service has to do More with Less - Unquestionable?

So this is an email I just found that I sent to the NSW Public Service Commission general feedback email address on 30th November 2011  - with no response:

'Hi I have some feedback on the Workwise newsletter - actually its more a question..

In the newsletter it states:


All public sectors around the world are under pressure to deliver more services to the public with the same or fewer resources."
What does this mean?  What does the author intend by this statement?
Is this a statement that is meant to legitimise the provision of more services to the public with same or fewer resourcs as a normative position - because it is a"worldwide" phenomena?
Is the statement lamenting the requirement for provision of more services to the public with same or fewer services?
Should a public service commission provide sophisticated values-based analysis of contexts and question why this is happening world wide -  when it severely impacts upon the very services the commission is attempting to optimise?
How is it in the 21st century that the public service should be expected to receive less funding without questioning the moral and ethical implications of this statement and just accept it as a "given"?
thanks, Craig.'

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