Slightly Radical Writings

These are a collection of my slightly radical writings, although I hesitate to call them radical as this should be reserved for courageous writing that engenders some personal/professional risk.  I did receive "counselling" for writing one of these articles, so maybe that counts.

This piece was meant to be comedic, the Aboriginal elders who read it prior to publication found it quite funny.  Others who read it after publication said it caused "confusion and uncertainty" - which is kind of what they said about Aboriginal land rights - so I guess thats a good thing.

Coles's cancer footprint isn't overgrown by daffodils - Letters

Daffodils or ciggies, take your pick - Opinion -

These two pieces are also meant to be comedic - that is if you can see something comical about Coles selling billions of cigarettes each that cause cancer then raising a pittance on Daffodil Day to prevent cancer.