Friday, June 29, 2012

Flutracking at Skoll Global Threats Meeting in SFO

Myself and Stephen Clarke from had the good fortune to be invited to the 1st International Conference on Self-reported Influenza-like Illness Surveillance hosted by the Skoll Foundation for Global Threats (a foundation set up by Jeff Skoll - former Ebay CEO) and the American Public Health Association. is the second oldest and second largest of the schemes internationally, next to the Dutch system.  We were able to learn a lot from the other surveillance systems.  It seems that excels  in terms of growth of participants and weekly participation (ours is the shortest survey), however, the Dutch certainly do some very interesting analysis and we will exchange data with them to explore new analyses.  This conference has kicked off an international collaboration and we will attempt to standardise our systems to allow great inter-country comparisons.  Thanks to Jeff Skoll, Larry Brilliant and Mark Smolinski for hosting the event.

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