Wednesday, September 8, 2010

McDonalds Advert on Kids Channel - hmm...maybe they deserve some criticism

When I lived in Australia and America I used to eat a lot of McDonalds.  You have to see the adverts they are showing on Indian Cable TV kids channels (most of the TV in Bhutan is Indian cable).  But first, while driving through Tennessee some years back I bought the 4 Big Macs for $2 deal - with a thickshake for good measure.  About 20 miles down the freeway I had to pass the wheel to my less than impressed wife as I was entering some kind of hyper fat/protein induced coma. 

Last year I was at a Newcastle Chamber of Commerce talking about pandemic flu and shared a table with a McDonalds marketing manager - who had just finished talking about the McDonalds healthy choices menu.   Unfortunately, many of the healthy choices he promoted weren't actually available - take the vegie burger, you can't find a McDonalds that sells it anymore.  So, I sometimes think that McDonalds and other fast food outlets get a hard time - until I saw this commercial....

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